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Web Design Yorkshire

Our web design philosophy is to not only produce a website that looks great, informs people about your business, and increases your sales, but also the site should be simple to navigate and read, and compliant to the latest web standards.

Before contacting us we recommend that you decide on exactly what you want your website to do, what you want from the site yourself, what topics your site will cover, and the number of pages you would require. It would also be useful if you have a basic design in mind, perhaps compile a list of website addresses that reflect the look you are going for. The more information you can provide, the easier it is for us to produce a website you'll be happy with first time.

Design costs vary depending upon the complexity of the site; the more information and features, the more elements there are to design.

See below for our basic pricing structure. If you would like more information or a quote, please feel free to contact us.

Working Together

We'll work with you to find out what kind of website will achieve the best results, and most importantly, within your budget!

Logo's & Graphics

We can incorporate your existing company logo, colours and marketing material, or come up with something entirely new. Following consultation we'll come up with a web site template and get your approval before building the website.

The design of your website can be a reproduction of existing brochures or other materials you have, or be entirely new. Naturally, if you provide us with existing images and logos we can produce the website faster, and therefore charge you less. It's entirely up to you.

Dynamic Sites with PHP

Dynamic websites (or database-driven websites) are very popular these days, and we can provide the programming for such a site, including custom administration pages to ease the burden of updating your web database. The programming language we use is PHP, and the database system we provide is MySQL.

Site Updates

If you want your website updating on a regular basis we can do this for a fee, or you or your staff can update it yourself.

Site Redesign?

If you already have a website which is in need of a redesign, we can provide a free analysis and an estimate of how much it will cost to bring your site up to date.

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Receptive Web Design Pricing
 PriceFurther Info
Business Card£100One page website incorporating company logo, company information and contact details.
Starter£200Three page website with up to three images per page.
Premium£300Five page website with up to five images per page and custom forms (enquiry form, order form, brochure request form, booking form).
CustomCallIf you want a larger site or have special requirements then we will happily design a site based on your specifications. Give us an idea of what you would like your site to consist of: number of pages, amount of graphics/photos, forms and other elements. and we'll put together a range of quotes for you to choose from. Or just contact us to make an appointment so we can discuss your needs.

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Web Design Extras
 PriceFurther Info
Basic Maintenance£100paWe will update one of the pages on your website once a month with any text changes you may have, such as new product news, special offers, or change images on that page.
Weekly Maintenance£250paAs above but weekly updates for one of the pages on your website.
Full Maintenance£500paUp to three pages of your website can be updated by us up to once a week.
* Site Maintenance packages apply only to clients with websites hosted with Receptive Hosting.

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